• My Diwali Experience

    On the 19th of October, tailors at our tailoring centre along with many others celebrated Diwali. It's the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn. Our designer Steph Kent shares her experiences and the beautiful photos that help capture some of her favourite Diwali celebratio... View Post
  • As the owners of Visible Clothing Company, which includes Eternal Creation and Visible.Clothing, we strive to stay in line with our name “visible”, by focusing on making as much about our company visible as possible, including our people, products, and pricing. We strive to create a culture of o... View Post
  • We imagine a world where everyone in the clothing sector is treated fairly - our mission is to be part of that movement by having an ethical clothing company that is a visible example of what it means to bring fairness to the clothing sector. What does Fair Trade Mean? Since we began our journey... View Post